Versatile Pricing

We offer creative pricing options adapted to the circumstances of the client and the project.  Options include:

  • Standard billing arrangements based upon an hourly or daily rate
  • Fixed fee for completion of a project
  • Contingency fees based upon value of services rendered
  • Investment alongside the client

Please contact us for more details.

For example, for a major Middle East company, we provided services based on a daily rate and a per diem to cover expenses. For several start-up software companies, we have drafted contract templates on a fixed-fee basis and negotiated contracts on an hourly fee basis. Other clients have preferred a monthly retainer arrangement whereby the client is guaranteed a certain number of hours of legal services per month, with any hours in excess of the guaranteed hours billed at a discounted hourly rate.

Most important, we want the compensation arrangement to meet the expectations of the client and avoid any risk of “sticker shock.”