Why VistaLaw?

We know the challenges you face.

Your corporation requires top-notch legal counsel who not only address your pressing legal needs, but offer trusted business advice.  Legal counsel who help you monitor and reduce risks throughout the enterprise, at home and overseas, in the face of expanding legal compliance mandates.  Legal counsel who recognize that you face budgetary constraints on legal spend.  In short, legal counsel who will help you do more with less. 

We can help you navigate and thrive in overseas markets. 

The world is being transformed into a single vast marketplace of technology, capital, talent, opportunity and challenges.  Your business is (or must go) global, and your law firm must have the hands-on experience to provide expert legal advice in overseas markets. 

VistaLaw lawyers all have lived and worked internationally.  We’re accustomed to dealing with foreign laws and foreign partners.  We can devise solutions to your most difficult problems in cross-border jurisdictions, either directly or by tapping into our extensive network of global talent. 

We provide an alternative to adding headcount or hiring a traditional law firm.

Faced with the need for legal services, corporations seemingly have a simple either/or choice:  (1) hire full-time in-house counsel, or (2) retain a traditional law firm.  But often neither of these options is attractive when your company requires expert legal advice but needs to keep costs under control. 

VistaLaw offers a flexible alternative: providing experienced attorneys who can hit the ground running (like good in-house counsel), but whose services can be ramped up and down to meet fluctuating legal needs. 

Our low overhead and results-oriented legal solutions mean great value.

Legal services have become shockingly expensive, with the rates of partners at major law firms surpassing $1,000 an hour. What’s more, client matters are often assigned to young, “green” associates with no business experience whatsoever, who spend days or weeks researching and preparing memos with limited relevance to your business requirements.

VistaLaw takes a different approach. We’ve pared away the overhead costs of a traditional law firm, so you’re not paying for elegant downtown offices with wood paneling and expensive artwork. Whether we work at your premises or remotely, you’re paying for legal skills, period. And we apply these legal skills to resolving the specific issues your business is facing, rather than in support of the big law firm food chain. Plus we can bill by the hour, by the day or by the project.

The result? Sophisticated yet business-friendly legal solutions delivered within budget.

“From the standpoint of a metric driven general counsel, [the structure of the traditional law firm] is more than incomprehensible.  It looks like the last vestige of the medieval guild system to survive into the 21st century.”
-- Mark Chandler, General Counsel, Cisco Systems
“Why do we continue to give big firms this kind of work when it’s clear that their pricing for it is in no way related to the value their associates provide?  These rate hikes are about attracting top grads, not about increased or better client service.”
-- Susan Hackett, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Association of Corporate Counsel
“A shake-up in the legal profession is long overdue.”
-- Richard Susskind, author of The End of Lawyers?  Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services